Power Ranking: Top 5 Shooting Guards in the NBA

This generation's pool is stacked with sharpshooters with high-end defensive capabilities, mid-range scorers with improving deep balls, and prototypical slashers.

Kahron Spearman

While the position isn't currently stacked with franchise-changing talent, as in generations past, e.g., Jerry West (if you see him as a two-guard), Kobe Bryant, or Michael Jordan, the pool's depth and diversity rank with any in history. There are sharpshooters with high-end defensive capabilities (Klay Thompson), mid-range scorers with improving deep balls (DeMar DeRozan), and prototypical slashers (Jimmy Butler. However, there are some surprises to be seen. Today we rank the top five at the position, as of right now. (We excluded MVP candidate James Harden because Mike D'Antoni uses him a point guard/primary ball handler. We want to lean toward more traditional off-ball guards.)