Paul George puts Derrick Favors on a poster

While Russell Westbrook says that it was 'about time' George dunked on someone, it may not have even been the best dunk of the night.

Kahron Spearman

Int he Oklahoma City Thunder's woodshedding of the Utah Jazz, 107-79, forward Paul George continued his player abuse. 

The perennial All-Star put all his skills on display, as he crossed over Utah forward Rodney Hood, and then suddenly exploded over the top of Jazz big man Derrick Favors.

About time. I told him he ain't dunked on anybody in a long time. So it's about time he did something.

Russell Westbrook
Guard, Oklahoma City Thunder

However, the best dunk of the night may have been Jerami Grant's vicious putback dunk a little later in the game. 


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