LeBron James to the San Antonio Spurs? Here are all the details

For whatever reason, a move to San Antonio is seen as somewhat off-brand for James but appears to be the strongest, win-now basketball decision.

Kahron Spearman

San Antonio coach Gregg Popovich will attempt to get himself into the LeBron James sweepstakes, as if the Spurs weren't already in the running - based strictly on James' updated requirement of basketball IQ, according to the New York Times.


There's a thought that going to any place in Texas that isn't Houston is off-brand. It's an intriguing thought, given the Spurs offer much in the way of a landing spot: a healthy Kawhi Leonard, capable and smart teammates, and Pop himself.


So how could San Antonio acquire the services of the game's best player?

My family is a huge part of whatever Ill decide to do. ...I think Ive shown this year why I will still continue to be in championship mode.

LeBron James
Forward, Cleveland Cavaliers

First, there would need to be some cooperation. (It should be noted, however, if players knew James was interested, acquiescence probably could be assumed.)


Rudy Gay and Danny Green would have to opt out, and Spurs have to renounce all their free agents, including Kyle Anderson (restricted) and Tony Parker. 


They would have to attach the No. 18 pick onto Pau Gasol's contract (two years, $32.8 million; partial guarantee in 2019-20) in a trade - a doable feat.

The Spurs could trade LaMarcus Aldridge, but that would make zero sense given James is looking for firepower. Aldridge has reemerged as one of the game's best 10-12 players.


James has never played with a great coach and clearly has a desire to play for a team full of skilled, high IQ player within a strong foundation and culture - all of which San Antonio fits.


Lastly and perhaps just as importantly, playing alongside Kawhi Leonard provides James with a player he can depend on as he gracefully fades as a player.