Spurs tried 'really hard' to acquire Kyrie Irving

ESPN NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski initially reported the Spurs' attempt on Scott Van Pelt's nightly Sportscenter show.

Kahron Spearman

The San Antonio Spurs are already scheduled for a deep playoff run, but according to Adrian Wojnarowski, as reported on Scott Van Pelt's nightly Sportscenter, they attempted to significantly bolster the roster by acquiring Kyrie Irving.

In a tweet Wednesday, Ramona Shelburne of made specific note of a Wojnarowski quote.

San Antonio tried really, really hard to get him.

Adrian Wojnarowski
NBA Reporter, ESPN

There's a lot of "what-if" involved in considering the attempt in hindsight. However, it would appear that Irving - of course, a Celtic - made out okay in the process.

It would be interesting to learn exactly what the Spurs offered the Cavaliers.


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