Philadelphia company buys three billboards asking LeBron to sign with Sixers

LeBron James will be headed toward free agency during the summer, a Philadelphia-based company is doing their part in engineering a move to Philly.

Kahron Spearman

No one has any remote idea where LeBron James will go during the upcoming free agency period, which has become the biggest story in sports - not only because of his implied pursuit of Michael Jordan's legacy, but also the tacit understanding that the Golden State Warriors need a legitimate rival. 

Power Home Remodeling, a Philadelphia-based remodeling company has an idea. Three billboards recently popped up in Cleveland on Monday, requesting James to sign with Philadelphia.

Buying billboards in opposing cities is a tradition as old as sports fandom itself. It doesn't actually accomplish anything in terms of convincing the player to change their mind, but it's definitely a way to troll an opposing fan base. It's no coincidence these billboards popped up the same week that the 76ers and Cavs meet on national TV Thursday.

The real question is if James even fits on the team. One could say finding a perfect fit doesn't matter, considering he would have Joel Embiid and his near-clone Ben Simmons in tow. 

It would be a giant and versatile team, but would James want to play for the third team in his career and move away from Ohio?