Russell Westbrook and Jonas Valanciunas scuffle for peak pettiness

In the midst of a random dead-ball situation, Russell Westbrook and Jonas Valanciunas got into it for supremacy of who should maintain the ball.

Kahron Spearman

Russell Westbrook and Jonas Valanciunas chased down the petty monster, finding themselves in a scuffle in a dead-ball. 

While Westbrook was on the ground and after the whistle, Valanciunas attempted to grab the ball in a petty move to agitate the point guard.

Not to ever be outdone concerning pettiness, Westbrook swiped at Valanciunas and popped up with his signature scowl and teammate Steven Adams would come to Westbrook's defense. 

The biggest thing is on the court, we're expecting to win. That just changes really everything, your whole outlook stepping into a game, to preparation, to getting each other ready. We're just stepping on that floor and we're expecting to win.

As for the actual game, Russell Westbrook had 30 points, 13 assists and eight rebounds for Oklahoma City, who won its sixth straight game, topping the Toronto Raptors 124-107 on Wednesday night.

Paul George had 33 points, going 7-10 from three.

Jonas Valanciunas scored 16 for the Raptors.