Here's how LeBron James can join the Rockets

Though Chris Paul's request for the full max could prove costly in their pursuit of James, they could still get his services.

Kahron Spearman

Following what will likely be another Finals loss, LeBron James will, once again, decide his future. One of the teams looking to procure his talents is the Houston Rockets. However, it's going to take a complete roster overhaul.


The fact is, though, James would need to opt into his final season and be traded to the Rockets. Houston has a serious issue here in that they dont own a first-round pick this year, or a player that the Cavaliers would want back.

The freedom to use any of three stars on either side of the pick-and-rolland thats without even considering the ascendant Clint Capelawould put every opponent into an impossible bind. Creating enough room for James would demand some creative problem solving on Houstons part, but the result would be well worth the trouble.

Rob Mahoney
Writer, Sports Illustrated

Difficulty in getting James will be further exacerbated by the news that 33-year-old Chris Paul isn't taking less than the full max allowable, even with his injury history. Plus, the Rockets have said they would match whatever offer sheet is presented to center Clint Capela.


This would mean Houston would need to figure out four max deals, dump the remainder of the team, and press forward with a talent-front-loaded roster. 


It's difficult to see how James could see this potentiality as attractive.