James Harden slaps phone after being taunted by Jazz fan saying ‘worst flopper In the NBA' — watch

Jason Glad, dressed head-to-toe in Jazz gear including a Rudy Gobert jersey, had actually been hurling trash toward Harden the entire game before getting his phone slapped out of his hand.

Kahron Spearman

Tired of accepting his trash talk, Houston Rockets guard James Harden slapped the phone out of a heckling fan's hand.


Yet, it would be too easy if it were just that.


Jazz fanatic Jason Glad let Rockets star James Harden know he was trash going into halftime. The likely MVP made Glad recoil, and even Nene gave the obnoxious fan a shove.

(On approach to Game 2) Last game, we came out completely opposite. Tonight, they kind of caught us off-guard. We adjusted to it in that second quarter, but we can't get down 19 no matter who we're playing.

Glad had been reprimanded by nearby security, so one would think he'd fall back and enjoy the game, having had his kicks.


But after the half, apparently, Glad hadn't had enough, and told a hooded Harden, "Youre still the worst flopper in the NBA," while filming his crack on the All-Star.


Glad didn't necessarily say anything inflammatory, so it will be interesting to see how the league treats Harden's phone slap.