Blake Griffin 'shocked' by trade to Pistons

Griffin believes he will mesh well with center Andre Drummond, who thinks the Pistons could build an "empire" around their talents.

Kahron Spearman

In his introductory press conference, new Detroit Piston forward Blake Griffin talked about his reaction to his trade from the Clippers, saying that, "finding out through Twitter, through other people is a tough way" to discover you've been moved. 

But he says he's excited about his new chapter as a foundational player in the Pistons' future, being with a team that wants him.

Basketball is a business, the NBA is a business, and they made a decision. The only thing I just wish I had known or had the opportunity to talk to somebody beforehand. Finding out through Twitter, through other people is a tough way to find out when you've been with a franchise for so long. But at the end of the day, basketball is a business, and I want to play where a team wants me. And that's why I'm excited about being here.

Griffin discussed his reasoning in not taking a no-trade clause that led to the trade being within realm of possibility, though it should be noted that he valued the fifth year of his deal. 

"At the time [I signed], it was around the time where Melo was going through his whole thing in New York with the no-trade clause," Griffin said. "I don't think it was something that was a real option at the time. Like I said, I want to play for a franchise that wants me to be here, and clearly [the Clippers] didn't, so this is what's most exciting to me."