Blake Griffin gets T'd up after throwing ball at Dennis Schroder's head

The five-time All-Star again showed his frustration with poor sportsmanship, during a bad loss to the lowly Hawks. Griffin had a negative -21 plus/minus is a game the Pistons lost by three points.

Kahron Spearman

Right on schedule, the jerk version of Blake Griffin reared its ugly head Sunday against in an awful 118-115 road loss to the Atlanta Hawks.

Griffin seemed to be attempting to toss the ball toward official Michael Smith after a foul call in the second quarter.

However, the "pass" hit Hawks point guard Dennis Schroder - who was walking near Smith - on the back of the head. Schroder was not happy in his short argument with Griffin, who was eventually issued a technical.

Our defense stinks. We just got broken down, broken down, broken down.

Prone to mini-tantrums, Griffin has an ignominious history of hitting opposing players and aggressively throwing the ball toward officials, if he hasn't gotten his way. 

More recently, in a game against the Houston Rockets, Griffin blocked Montrezl Harrell's dunk and then saved the ball from going out of bounds - throwing it against Harrell to save possession.

It was completely unnecessary and borderline risky, as there were two Piston teammates in his immediate vicinity. 


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