Why we shouldn't sleep on OKC come the playoffs

Though the Oklahoma City Thunder have been inconsistent for the bulk of the regular season, there's an idea that they could be a team that could make noise once the playoffs' bright lights come on.

Kahron Spearman

Here's how their Big Three can propel the Thunder deep into the postseason. 


Westbrook, is on a mission.

The reigning MVP is turning in another incredible season with 25.6 points, 10.1 assists, and 9.9 rebounds per game. He's sitting just 17 boards away from having averaged another triple-double for the season. (And believe he will attempt to get 20 rebounds, just for safety.) 

Russell Westbrook

#0  Oklahoma City Thunder

25.6 PTS

10.1 AST

9.9 RBD

Westbrook has a history of inconsistency in pressurized moments, but he's a man with a purpose to prove the naysayers wrong. If he can control and channel his rage, and focus on making the right basketball plays versus attempting to overwhelm, the Thunder could advance into the next round.

Which Carmelo will we get?

This is the Oklahoma City's principal conundrum, make no mistake about it. Anthony has had his worst season as a pro, scoring only 16 points a game on 40 percent shooting (about 36 percent from three). If that wasn't enough he's probably the worst defender in the league for his position and is consistently attacked by offenses in pick and roll situations. 

Carmelo Anthony

#7  Oklahoma City Thunder

16.2 PTS

1.3 AST

5.8 RBD

If he can show up either end, it would go a long way into the Thunder produced a deep run.

Half the league gets a chance to play in the postseason. You don't want to take things for granted. They should feel good about creating an opportunity to play after the regular season's over, but the thing I said to them after the game was we want to continue to play well, we want to continue to build, we want to continue to get better.

Paul George, in theory:

In a vacuum, George is arguably one of the top 2-3 two-way players in the whole league, who's able to light up his match-up with a versatile array of offensive skills and can turn around and lock-up defensively with the best of them. 


The playoffs don't exist in a vacuum, however, and his offense as of late has been subpar, to be kind. In his last 10 games, he's scored 21.1 points a game, which seems decent given Westbrook's usage. But he's shooting an atrocious 35 percent from the field in that span.


His shooting has to be right on in a hurry, or the Thunder have no chance whatsoever.