Nate Robinson says the NBA gave him depression

Former NBA star Nate Robinson alleged he suffered emotional abuse during his time with the league.

Brittany King

Former NBA star Nate Robinson revealed that he never experienced depression until he played in the NBA.


Opening up in a new in-depth interview with Bleacher Report, the fan-favorite said he suffered emotional abuse while playing for coach Larry Brown during his time with the New York Knicks. 


Robinson alleges that the Hall of Fame coach referred to him daily as "the little st" throughout their one and only season together in 2005-06.


The standout guard eventually had a breakdown from all the harassment and burst into Brown's office crying, asking Brown to stop belittling him. It didn't work. Minutes later, Brown allegedly stood in front of the entire team and yet again called Robinson "the little st" and revealed he had cried in his office.

The NBA gave me my depression. Ive never been a depressed person in my life.

While seeking therapy, Robinson tried to figure out what he was doing wrong. 


"I was trying to change," he said. "Nobody would ever know the real struggles that I had to fight to try to be somebody that I wasnt. That was the hardest thing in my career. Not basketball, not working out. Not my children."


"But the hardest thing in my whole life, of my 34 years in existence on earth, was dealing with 11 years in the NBA of trying to be somebody that [NBA coaches] want me to be," he added.


The three-time Slam Dunk champion last played in the NBA in 2015, but says he hopes to eventually make a comeback.