Lou Williams drops 50 on the Warriors

The leading Sixth Man of the Year candidate started the game and exploded for 27 of his career-high 50 points in the third quarter.

Kahron Spearman

Los Angeles Clippers guard Lou Williams scored a career-high 50 points, leading them to a 125-106 win over Golden State.  

A leading candidate for Sixth Man of the Year, Williams started the game and scored 27 of his 50 points in the third quarter. He was also 8-of-16 from three, 16-of-27 overall, and 10-of-10 from free throw line.

He ordered 50-piece nuggets on us tonight,

Kevin Durant
Forward, Golden State Warriors

Williams also added seven assists and two rebounds in the win. 

He's the first Clipper since World B. Free (1979-80) to have three 40-point games in a season.

He effectively stole the night from Kevin Durant's impressive achievement, in becoming the second youngest player to reach 20,000 points.