Lakers fans chant 'We want Paul!'

Magic Johnson and the Lakers organization have been clear in their wish to obtain the services of Paul George during the upcoming summer free agency period.

Kahron Spearman

No matter the niceties that Paul George says about and relating to the Oklahoma City Thunder, their fans should be deathly afraid of what they heard during the game against the Los Angeles Lakers.

Magic Johnson and the Lakers haven't exactly been coy about their evident desire to bring the versatile All-Star back to his hometown.

And now the Lakers fans are in on the act, chanting "We want Paul!" in during the fourth quarter of the game in Staples Center on Thursday night.

Well, I mean I'm happy [in Oklahoma City.] I'm happy here. I'm happy with this group. At the end of the season, it's still on my decision on what I need to do for my family. That has nothing to do with my happiness here though. I've been really happy. It's a great organization to be a part of, but again, you know, I don't want people looking at this and (saying) like, 'Hey, because he said it's his happiness at the end of the day (that hes definitely re-signing).

"I don't know if whether I'm going to LA, or what I'm going to do this offseason," continues George, speaking to USA Today's Sam Amick. "But I can say I am happy about being here."

"I'm happy with playing with Russ, happy with playing with Melo, and this organization. This front office has shown what they can do to go get pieces and how active they are about winning.

George is currently a Defensive Player of the Year candidate, leading the league in steals at 2.2 per game. He's also scoring 22.2 points per contest.