Kerr: Undrafted players should be able to return to college

This may turn into a possibility in short order, with the NCAA president Mark Emmert recently stating the organization would look at changes to the policy on player/agent relationships.

Kahron Spearman

Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr on Monday said to reporters recently that players who leave college early for the NBA draft - but go undrafted - should be allowed by the NCAA to return to school.

As it stands, underclassmen who leave their institution and sign with an agent - thereby dissolving their 'amateur' status - aren't allowed to come back to school. Undrafted players are often left in the wind, searching for tryouts, vying for summer league roster spots, or attempting to ply their trade overseas.

The Arizona and NBA standout believes that should change.

Don't keep this ruse going. We all know what's going on. Let's do what's best for the kid and give them some options, and work together between the NBA and NCAA to find the right system. I think it's entirely doable if you people just open their eyes.

Steve Kerr
Head coach, Golden State Warriors

Kerr's thoughts arrive in the course of an ongoing FBI investigation, whose findings have put the NCAA and numerous universities back on its heels. 

Kerr doesn't see any damage being done to either the player or university in his scenario, which frankly would fortify many basketball rosters and provide another season of development for the players.

The players could also have a chance to earn or make progress into their degree, as well as become team leaders - especially if the player is an upperclassman.

"Why not? What's the harm? We talk about amateurism and all this stuff, but if you're truly trying to do what's right for the kid, and the kid declares for the draft and doesn't get drafted, you know what? Welcome him back. Do something good for the kids."