Kawhi Leonard to the Lakers?

There are reports that the Los Angeles Lakers are confident they can get Leonard without trading for him; however, the idea has a potential wrench in it.

Kahron Spearman

The Los Angeles Lakers are gearing up to go after Spurs superstar Kawhi Leonard, believing they may have the ability to sign the two-way talent without having to trade for him, according to Bleacher Report.


Leonard has been shelved at the advice of his own medical team, after a disagreement in both the exact nature and treatment of his severe quad injury.

There's a crack in the 'Spurs Way.' The bottom line is, every team goes through it. And now they are.

Western Conferene executive
Bleacher Report

There's one general issue with the Lakers' unconfirmed idea: the Spurs can still offer a five-year, $219 million dollar contract. 


It's roughly $80 million more than any team could offer should he leave. Additionally, should he sign with the Lakers, the taxation in California would further penalize Leonard's bottom line. 


Forgoing like upwards of $100 million, all things considered, doesn't appear to be intelligent business. 

Still, you cannot reject offhand the idea that the relationship between the Spurs and Leonard can't be repaired.


"You can never say done because everybody thought that the Aldridge thing was over and that there was no chance to salvage that," said a league source. "Pop went in and smoothed it over. You can't underestimate the power of the Pop in these situations."