JR Smith congratulates 'no shirt brother' Swaggy P on winning championship

When Golden State Warriors guard/forward Nick Young went shirtless on Saturday, Smith went to Instagram to congratulate the new champion.

Kahron Spearman

Ah, the fellowship of talented knuckleheads.


Cleveland Cavaliers guard J.R. Smith was probably the first player known to celebrate shirtless in modern championship era when he came off the team plane tattooed and bare-chested.


And when Golden State Warriors guard/forward and brand new champion Nick "Swaggy P" Young did the same thing on Saturday, after sweeping Smith's Cavaliers, Smith went to Instagram to congratulate his brother-in-no-shirt.

Congrats to my lil bro @swaggyp1 cant tell you how proud i an of you bro bro!! They dont like to see people like us on top so enjoy it like no other! First they hate you now you win they love you! Stay true to the #Swag P oh yea #NoShirtBrothers

Regardless of how you feel about the Warriors, knowledgeable NBA fans have to have some sense of joy for Young.


Here's a guy that has been (sometimes rightfully) maligned as an unattentive player afflicted from irrational confidence issues. However, he's proved himself to be a quality role player for a championship level team - all while maintaining his silly core self.