Joel Embiid roasts Russell Westbrook on Instagram

Though "The Process" got a laugh off the court, Westbrook still got the victory by dumping 37 points, 14 assists and nine boards on the Sixers.

Kahron Spearman

Joel Embiid couldn't help himself.

Just following the Sixers' 122-112 loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder Sunday night, the Philadelphia center took to Instagram to post a picture of himself "dunking on" Thunder guard and reigning league MVP Russell Westbrook. 

The former Kansas Jayhawk had Westbrook in his sights in the first quarter and punched it over the guard who didn't contest. 

Embiid decided to have the last laugh, posting a picture of his dunk over Westbrook to Instagram and tagging the location as "Crime Scene Investigation."

Ari Gilberg
Staff Writer, New York Daily News

It must be immediately noted that there's history dating back to December when Westbrook waved Embiid and the Sixer goodbye after a win.

Secondly, Embiid is a legit seven-footer. Dunking on the six-foot-three Westbrook, while it looked nice for highlight reels, isn't particularly impressive. 

If the master troller had put someone else into the basket, someone closer to his size - like Steven Adams - perhaps he'd have something to be proud of. 

Tough loss #TheProcess

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