Jazz's Donovan Mitchell takes shots at James Harden for baiting refs into foul calls

The dynamic Jazz rookie may be upset with Harden's foul calls; however, Harden merely has made a science of adjusting to the NBA's foul rules and regulations.

Kahron Spearman

Guarding Rockets guard James Harden, the NBA's leader in free throw attempts over the past four seasons, is arguably one of the toughest jobs for any perimeter player.


It continued to be true for Utah Jazz rookie star Donovan Mitchell - who was eighth on the Utah Jazz in fouls per 36 minutes during the regular season at 2.9 fouls per game. He fouled out with less than a minute left in the game.


Mitchell had a comment he meant to be heard as the Jazz walked toward the locker room.

(Regarding the foul-baiting) If thats what he needs to win the fucking MVP, fuck it.

Donovan Mitchell
Guard, Utah Jazz

Mitchell's complaints are actually a true testament to how amazing Harden has been this season. 


NBA nerds, those who dig into the minutiae of the league, know rules on fouls were changed to stop players like Harden from drawing specific fouls such as the sweeping motions under defenders' arms during shot attempts.


But Harden has adjusted by using his suddenness to get the defender and himself into subtle collisions that create foul calls, which ensnares the least experienced.