Cavaliers force Game 5.

Graphicle: Highlights & stats from Game 4 of the 2017 NBA Finals game, where the Cleveland Cavaliers put their first win against the Warriors.

NBA Game Recap

Finals Game 4


Golden State Warriors


Cleveland Cavaliers

1 1 6 - 1 3 7


The Warriors streak ends: 3 – 1

At long last, King James (31pts) and the Cleveland Cavaliers put an end to the three-game championship streak of the Golden State Warriors.

An impressive effort by Kyrie Irving (40pts) combined with Lebron to lead the team to victory, while Kevin Durant (35 pts) unsuccessfully tried to carry his team. Durant outscored Draymond Green (16 pts) and Stephen Curry (14 pts) put together; many Warriors fans blamed overly-active referees.


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