NBA: Game 2 Recap

Graphicle: Highlights & stats from Game 2 of the 2017 NBA Finals game, where the Cleveland Cavaliers lost again to the Golden State Warriors.

NBA Game Recap

Finals Game 2


Cleveland Cavaliers


Golden State Warriors

1 1 3 - 1 3 2


Will the Warriors sweep?

In what has been a relatively unremarkable chamionship series, the Golden State Warriors have now beaten the Cleveland Cavaliers twice. The teams met at Oracle Arena on the night of June 5th, where Kevin Durant (33pts) and Stephen Curry (32 pts) lead the Warriors to a 132 – 113 win.

Meanwhile, Lebron James looked for support from his team, leading in points, rebounds & assists. If it's any consolation for Cavaliers fans, the King beat Magic Johnson's record for championship triple-doubles.


After Warriors loss to Celtics, Curry says finals matchup, 'Very, Very Likely.'


Ranking the NBA's greatest franchises


Joel Embiid takes shots at the Warriors


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