Dwyane Wade posts message to Heat fans

Having mended his relationship with Miami Heat president Pat Riley, a surprised Wade and wife Gabrielle Union have expressed gratitude for their return to Florida.

Kahron Spearman

Sitting comfortably at home in Miami, Dwyane Wade took to social media, along with his wife Gabrielle Union, and thanked the fans of the Cleveland Cavaliers, as well as his teammates.

If you've had a look at their Instagram, it's fairly obvious Wade and his wife are pleased to be back where his career began and will likely end.

"I want to thank the Miami Heat organization for bringing us back home," he says in the message.

My eyes and heart were always here.

Dwyane Wade
Guard, Miami Heat

Interestingly enough, his reconciliation with Pat Riley ultimately made this possible. After a period of strain, Wade and Riley briefly bonded during the funeral of former agent Henry Thomas.

"The hug that we embraced was real, and it was all we needed," Wade said of the short encounter with the Miami Heat president at the funeral. "That's it. That's all we both needed. I walked away, and I felt better about everything, without even getting into anything."

The Heat will host the Milwaukee Bucks, in what's sure to be an emotional night for Wade.