Clippers' Patrick Beverley's mom crushes 'The Price Is Right' — wins $41K

Lisa Beverley won two cars and a six-night trip to Madagascar, plus the $1,000 in cash — for a grand total of $41,000.

Kahron Spearman

Lisa Beverley, the mother of the LA Clippers guard and defensive hound Patrick Beverley, had an incredible performance on the legendary game show The Price Is Right on Wednesday.


First, Beverley called from the audience to Contestants' Row, and while wearing an "NBA mom" t-shirt with the Clippers' logo, she found her way on stage with host/comedian Drew Carey.


On her final roll of the "Let 'em Roll" game, she won a car.

Moms won price is right!!! Is litttt!!!! Let me hold one of those cars mama!!!!

Then she spun the iconic big wheel where you get two spins (maximum) to get the closest to a dollar without going over. She outdid another opponent's already-impressive spin of .95 by arriving exactly on the $1 space to score a place in "Showcase Showdown."


In the showdown, the players bid on the total cost for a package of prizes without going over the actual price which she accomplished.


Beverley won another car and a six-night trip to Madagascar, plus the $1,000 in cash for spinning the dollar for a grand total of $41,000 on total value.