Clippers offered Griffin to Oklahoma City for Paul George

That Oklahoma City rejected the trade in getting a player locked into a contract suggests they have confidence they can retain George long-term.

Kahron Spearman's Royce Young, chatting on the Hoop Collective podcast (h/t Bleacher Report,) says that, before the surprise trade to the Pistons, the Clippers had offered Blake Griffin to the Oklahoma City Thunder for Paul George.

He also said that he's "pretty sure" Los Angeles reached out to the Minnesota Timberwolves as well.

I know that they made calls to Oklahoma City for Paul George. I'm pretty sure they made calls to Minnesota for players. So they tried to get some bigger-name players. It just wasn't happening.

Royce Young
Staff Writer, ESPN

The non-trade is perhaps another indicator that the Thunder are confident they can resign the versatile Paul George in the offseason, where he's eligible for a contract at around $250 million.

Now a Piston, Griffin is also locked into a five-year, $171.2 million deal, without a no-trade clause.

Making the trade would've made sense at one level, as it would've put both players back in their hometowns.