Cleveland responds to LeBron recruitment billboards

That the Cavaliers star is still wanted at age 33, in the midst of his 15th season, is a testament to his talent and physical preparation.

Kahron Spearman

Cleveland-area companies responded to the Philadelphia business that bought billboard space near Quicken Loans Arena that stated things like "#PhillyWantsLeBron" to "Complete The Process" - in attempts to vie for LeBron James' attention.

A new billboard appeared on a hotel near the area on Thursday, before the Cavs loss to the visiting Sixers, saying "HEY PHILLY " and "#TheLandOfTheKing, " beside with a giant crown thats shaped to look like a vulgar hand gesture toward the city of Philadelphia.

"It is, absolutely," James said when asked if it was flattering. "You could say its a distraction. Its not. Its not a distraction. Its actually very flattering."

Im sitting here at 33, in my 15th year, and teams and people in their respective city want me to play for them. I mean, thats cool. I think thats dope.

LeBron James
14-time All-Star

LeBron James' talent and preparation are the real story. Barring significant injury, his skills will only start tapering off starting likely two seasons from now, coasting into what could be 5-6 more years of merely All-Star play after that. 

His true value to the league and the cities he plays in are probably three to four times his yearly salary, per season as a low estimate. It's one reason it would behoove him (and perhaps at the tacit behest of the league office) for him to stay in the Eastern Conference.