Paul Pierce doesn't want IT honored on his night

Hoping for an occasion similar to Kobe Bryant's ceremony, Pierce says, "I'm not sure I want to see an Isaiah video that night."

Kahron Spearman

Paul Pierce does not want to yield any shine to Cleveland Cavaliers guard Isaiah Thomas when the Boston Celtics retire his No. 34 jersey next month.

The Cavs visit on February 11, the same time of Pierce's jersey retirement. He said he would prefer the organization pick another date to honor Thomas' two and a half year star return in Boston.

I'm not saying Isaiah shouldn't get a tribute video ... but on Feb. 11, the night I get my jersey retired, I'm not sure I want to look up at the JumboTron and see Isaiah highlights.

Paul Pierce
Former Celtic great

Pierce hopes to get the same treatment Kobe Bryant received during his double-jersey retirement earlier this season. 

"I enjoyed watching that throughout the game," he said. "Hopefully the Boston Celtics will do that for me. I'm not sure I want to see an Isaiah video that night."