Kevin Love smashes elbow to DeMar DeRozan's face: lands flagrant-1 foul

Kevin Love's elbow on DeMar DeRozan was previously ruled as a common foul but was later upgraded by the league in a subsequent review of the play.

Kahron Spearman

Kevin Love's elbow to DeMar DeRozan's jaw with about a minute left in regulation during the Cleveland Cavaliers' eventual win over the Toronto Raptors has been upgraded to a flagrant foul 1 by the NBA on Wednesday, according to ESPN. 


In the league's Last Two Minute Report, the call was one of three missed calls late in the Cavaliers' 113-112 OT triumph in Tuesday's Game 1 of the Eastern Conference semifinal. 

(On being more comfortable of playing forward) It's been my whole career I've played at the 4. I would say absolutely. Ty sees something different, and I think offensively, once I get myself going, we could use that to our advantage. As of right now, I need to find some easy buckets. They were right there tonight, I just couldn't put them down.

Kevin Love

Love picked up a common foul on the play, which transpired with 1:12 remaining in the fourth quarter and the Raptors leading 105-103. 


Protecting the ball from DeRozan, Love swung his arms and caught DeRozan in the face with his left elbow. The league said that "given the wind-up and impact," the officials should have reviewed the play and upgraded the foul to a flagrant 1 which would've been critical.


If Love's foul had been upgraded during the game, DeRozan would have had two foul shots, and Toronto would've gained possession of the ball.