Cavs' Tristan Thompson is riding the pine amid cheating scandal

Though Tristan Thompson has been minimally effective in the regular season, head coach Tyronn Lue has decided his questionable usefulness has now been mitigated by scandal.


You know you're in trouble when the first page in a Google search of your name draws up Khloe Kardashian-related news, and it's killing Cleveland Cavaliers center Tristan Thompson, more specifically his value and playing time. 


Thompson played less than two minutes of the Cavs' Game 1 loss to the Pacers and it got worse from there. 


He was a "DNP-CD" in Game 2's win as in, "Did Not Play - Coaches' Decision." It's evident he doesn't believe his former starter at the center can be effective in the midst of his Kardashian-related scandal.

Being strategic in the playoffs, if you tell your lineup, they can see what matchups they want to do and who's going to guard who, what matchups they want to guard

LeBron James, who orchestrated Thompsons five-year, $82 million extensions back in 2015, is likely not pleased with the turn of events. The Cavaliers still owe him $36 million the last two years of the deal and could trade him in the summer. But it's difficult to ascertain what potential trade would take on the headache, especially given his sudden lack of explosiveness. 


Thompson's primary job is to rebound and block shots he's done neither all season long.