LeBron James trolls the NY Knicks with his sneakers

Using an all-black pair of his latest signature shoes, the Nike LeBron XV, LeBron James made a simple declaration aimed at anyone (including Knick center Enes Kanter) questioning his status: "I'M KING."

Kahron Spearman

Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James had some not-so-subtle shade for New York, the Knicks, and especially injured center Enes Kanter, debuting an all-black pair of Nike LeBron XV's with simple text on the back from the left to the right shoe: "I'M KING."


During a November matchup, James and Kanter got into a hold-me-back altercation, leading to some words being exchanged. This included Kanter asking James, "What do you call yourself? King, queen, princess, whatever you are..."


Later, James would answer that question by calling himself  "King of New York," on Instagram.

James scored 26 points and dished out 11 assists, in the Cavs' 123-109 win against the New York Knicks and punctuated the game by yet another powerful dunk. 


With the Cavs superstar charging downhill at nearly full speed, Knicks forward Michael Beasley made the wise business decision, in electing not to be a part of James' latest poster as he punched it in with authority.

I've kind of like been a hypocrite of that because I'm always moving and trying to figure out how we can be better the next day or whatever the case. So it's always hard for me to be like, OK, another division crown after everything that's gone on with our team and our ballclub this year, but it's a pretty cool thing.

LeBron James