Kyrie Irving claims Cavs did not want him

Though LeBron James' camp was often listed as the driver in a potential trade to Phoenix for Irving, league sources have said otherwise.

Kahron Spearman

ESPN's Jackie MacMullan published an extraordinary piece on Kyrie Irving's exodus from Cleveland to Boston on Wednesday.

In it, many of the finer details about his request for a trade, the actual trade to the Celtics, and another potential trade to the Phoenix Suns are discussed.

To the latter, Irving apparently felt expendable, regardless of what the truth of the matter was in hindsight. 

I didn't feel the need to say anything because I knew the truth, and so did they. So it didn't matter what others said. They didn't want me there.

Kyrie Irving
Guard, Boston Celtics

What is also interesting about Irving's potential trade to Phoenix was his perception of who drove the trade talk.

MacMullen notes that while James was seen as the backroom driver of the trade which would've brought Eric Bledsoe to the Cavs, it was actually former general manager David Griffin who got the ball rolling.

After Griffin left his post, it's interesting that in all the subsequent Irving talk and media appearances that he never let James off the hook, though MacMullen says team and league sources say James hadn't been a part of those discussions.