Kyle Kuzma claims Isaiah Thomas was trying to 'kill the Cavs'

Thomas wouldn't call the blowout win a revenge game, but showed had his full skill set on display, pouring in 20 points and nine assists.

Kahron Spearman

Los Angeles Lakers forward Kyle Kuzma says that guard Isaiah Thomas was "trying to kill" the Cavs, during their 127-113 blowout win at Staples Center, per SLAM.

Thomas said about any perceived dislike for the Cavs is untrue, considering that he "only played 15 games with the Cavs, so it wasnt like it was a revenge game. However, he might've had a bit of a point to prove, with his 20 points and nine assists on Sunday night.

Kuzma says that Thomas "was barking at Clevelands bench the whole time, every time he scored."

He was only there for 15 games, but it was good to see him try to kill them. We have a saying: Your last team, they didnt want you.

Kyle Kuzma
Forward, Los Angeles Lakers

Thomas' angst lies in the fact that teams keep telling him they don't want him. With multiple franchises before his star-turn in Boston, he was traded onward to Cleveland, where he wasn't given much time to show what he could do.

He believes he can be more for the Lakers.

“If given the opportunity, I can play like that every night, Thomas said, per "Its no surprise, Ive done that before."