JR Smith's NBA Finals Game 1 'choke' jersey sells for nearly $24K

Well, thanks to the awful NBA Finals Game 1 blunder by Cleveland, someone won big, and it wasn't J.R. Smith!

Brittany King

Yes, it feels like we keep reliving Game 1 of the 2018 NBA Finals, you know, the same one where Cleveland Cavaliers guard J.R. Smith would love to forget. Yeah, that one. Well, to rub salt into a gaping wound, one fan will keep the memory alive.  


Smith's jersey from the game where he mistakenly rebounded the ball of a missed free throw by Cavs guard George Hill and then ran toward half court and dribbled it out instead of putting it back in the hoop to possibly win the game, has been sold. 

After thinking about a lot the last 24 hoursI cant say I was sure of anything at that point.

That same jersey has been nabbed for a whopping  $23,548 on Thursday night, according to TMZ Sports. The bidding started at $620, but only seemed to get increasingly high on the final day of bidding. The number reached around $11k, according to the report, but then more than doubled before the auction closed.


No word on the identity of the person who took home Smith's jersey, but most likely a Warriors fan. Can you blame them?