Cavs fans mock Drake with hilarious LeBron James 'God's Plan' parodies

There's literally no possible way that when the Toronto rapper and Raptors ambassador made the song and video that he knew it would backfire in such an awfully tragic fashion.

Kahron Spearman

Toronto rapper and Raptors ambassador Drake couldn't have know that making such an earnest track with the touching video would backfire in such a painful way.


At this point, every wannabe comedian with a joke lined up has used the lyrics to Drake's "God's Plan" ("turned the 0-2 into the 0-3") following LeBron James's game-winning jumper.


However, there are a few videos that take the cake.

(at Drake, in his Instagram) Your season ends tonight.

LeBron James Jr.

If that wasn't enough, James's son, LeBron James Jr. aka Bronny, kicked Drake while he was down. Giving the rapper smoke on his own Instagram, Bronny called the sweep.


Drake, of course, came back with a retort. But given his expressions throughout Game 2, and the result of Game 3 after, certainly he knew the younger James was right.