Watch Kyrie lock down Lebron on one end before hitting him with a step back

Although the Cavs got the last laugh in their recent matchup with the Celtics, Kyrie Irving put the moves on former teammate Lebron James.

Thomas MIller

The 'new-look Cavs' looked amazing in their debut running the Celtics out of the gym in a lopsided 121-99 victory. Lebron James dropped 24 pts, 10 ast, and 8 reb to help lead the revamped Cavaliers. He was helped by the Cavs newest additions who combined for an impressive 49 points.

I think that we came out with a very aggressive mindset.

Kyrie Irving
PG, Cleveland Cavaliers

Perhaps the most breath-taking moment of the game came when Kyrie Irving put some lock-down defense on Lebron James, then made Lebron look silly on the other end of the floor with a ridiculous step-back. The icing on the cake came when former Cavs point guard went and liked a tweet of Kyrie putting the moves on Lebron. 


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