Kobe says he'd pick LeBron over Shaq in the new All-Star format

ESPN's Jemele Hill interviewed Bryant for an upcoming 'The Undefeated' special, and the Los Angeles Laker legend has a lot to say about the current All-Star Game "pickup" formatting.

Kahron Spearman

Los Angeles Kobe Bryant talked to ESPN's Jemele Hill, for a The Undefeated special, about who he'd select within the new All-Star Game "pickup" formatting.

Hill asked which version of Shaquille O'Neal he would take, specifically the 2004-05 version of Shaq that helped the Miami Heat in its first championship along with a young Dwyane Wade.

But Bryant had other ideas for teammates.

What year are we talking Shaq? ... The Miami Heat first year? No, I'll take LeBron James. You kidding me? If I had the opportunity [to draft Shaq at all], yeah I would. But LB man.

Kobe Bryant
Future Hall of Famer

He also sees the new format as a referendum on the state of the Eastern Conference, who's long been the little brother compared to the perennially stacked Western Conference.

"From a competitive standpoint, if I was still playing, Id be pretty quick to talk trash about how the East just finally said, 'You know what, we gotta do something different because the West was just kicking butt every single year after year,' said Bryant. "As I sit here now, I think it turned out to be fine. Its like the greatest pickup game in the world."