TJ McConnell gets triple-double, get D'ed up by ref

The hilarious interaction with the referee was a part of a magical night for McConnell, who became the first Sixer to get a triple-double off the bench.

Kahron Spearman

76ers guard T.J. McConnell put himself in the lauded Sixers history on Monday, becoming the first Sixer to record a triple-double off the bench.

McConnell had 10 points, 11 assists, and 10 rebounds in a 108-92 win over the New York Knicks. He also had six steals, a couple leading to assists to Robert Covington - including one highlight dunk on Michael Beasley.

One other hilarious moment occurred after a jump ball at the Knicks free throw line, McConnell brought up the ball and the referee appeared to get into a defensive stance for a couple seconds. 

Well, Joel just wouldn't let it go. Just after a rebound or an assist he kept telling me, and then when I had nine rebounds he was saying, 'Get another one' -- and someone went up and blocked out the big guy, and it just kind of fell into my hands. It was like it was in slow motion.

TJ McConnell
Point Guard, Philadelphia 76ers

Sixers center Joel Embiid - who had 17 points and six rebounds in 24 minutes of action - was happy for the scrappy former Arizona standout. 

"It was amazing. I'm happy for him, and I'm glad that he did it. If we want to go where we want to, he'll be one of those reasons," Embiid said about McConnell (h/t ESPN.) "He comes in and plays with great energy; he hypes the crowd up. Defensively, he was great, and he moves the ball well."

Ref started playing defense ??

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