Top 5 SGs heading in to this season.

Graphicle: Positional power rankings, from Devin Booker to James Harden. The top 5 shooting guards (SG) to play this season in the NBA.

James Harden

#1  Houston Rockets

29.1 PTS

8.2 RBD

11.2 AST

Harden will be back to cook up the rest of the League, and he will have a new weapon in Chris Paul along side him.

DeMar Derozan

#2  Toronto Raptors

27.3 PTS

5.2 RBD

3.9 AST

Mr. Mid Range will back again lighting up the scoreboard. Expect a season much like last year.

Jimmy Butler

#3  Minnesota Timberwolves

23.9 PTS

6.2 RBD

5.5 AST

Although Butler might not put up the same numbers this year on his new team, his defense lands him the number 2 spot on our list.

Klay Thompson

#4  Golden State Warriors

22.3 PTS

3.7 RBD

2.1 AST

Arguably one of the best shooters in the league, good luck if he's hot.

Bradley Beal

#5  Washington Wizards

23.1 PTS

3.1 RBD

3.5 AST

Along with Wall, the Wizards have argueably the best backcourt in the East.

Devin Booker

Runner-Up  Phoenix Suns

22.1 PTS

3.2 RBD

2.4 AST

70 POINTS!! Not much else to say here.


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