NBA: Top PGs heading into this season.

Graphicle: From Kyrie Irving to Isaiah Thomas positional power rankings for the top 5 centers to play this season in the NBA. Did your favorite make it?

NBA 2017 Rankings

Top 10 Point Guards

Russell Westbrook

#0  Oklahoma City Thunder

31.6 PTS

10.7 RBD

10.4 AST

The reigning MVP, AKA Mr. Triple Double, is back with a revamped squad that includes Paul George.

Stephen Curry

#30  Golden State Warriors

25.3 PTS

4.5 RBD

6.6 AST

Steph is Steph.. Love him or hate him he is one of the games elite PGs.

John Wall

#2  Washington Wizards

23.1 PTS

4.2 RBD

10.7 AST

John Wall gets it done on both ends otf the court, earning him 3rd on our list.

Chris Paul

#3  Houston Rockets

18.1 PTS


9.2 AST

The veteran will be teaming up along side James Harden in an attempt to take down the Warriors.

Isaiah Thomas

#4  Boston Celtics

28.9 PTS

2.7 RBD

5.9 AST

Last year, the little man put up career numbers. Look from much of the same this year with more assists playing alongside Gordon Hayward.

Kyrie Irving

#2  Cleveland Cavaliers

25.2 PTS

3.2 RBD

5.8 AST

Whether he ends up staying in Cleveland or not, Kyrie is an offensive killer.

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