Zion Williamson destroyed the McDonald's All-American dunk contest

One of the interesting notes from the contest wasn't his made or missed dunks, but that he's only a verbal commit to Duke - which some on social media noticed

Kahron Spearman

Of course, Zion Williamson is the best high school dunker in the country. The Spartanburg, SC native really didn't need a title or a fancy trophy for that acknowledgment. 

However, there was a televised contest, and Williamson went ahead and won the 2018 McDonald's All-American Dunk Contest as a formality. The 17-year-old was the whole show; the entire event bent around his presence. 

The Duke (verbal) commit threw his dunks - including one off the glass and through his legs - with power and finesse.

One of Williamson's greatest abilities as a dunker is being able to bring a mixture of gorgeous fluidity and ferocious power.

Even the dunks he didn't land were extremely entertaining. For his second attempt in the first round, he tossed up the ball, twisted around like a tornado to cuff the ball and send it home from South Carolina. 

Though his fundamentals still required refinement as all 17-year-olds would, Williamson has tantalizing talent as an overall prospect and will be an immediate fan favorite in Durham - if he maintains his commitment.