Nike investigating wardrobe malfunction during NBA season opener.

During Tuesday night's season opener, LeBron James' jersey ripped causing Nike to open an investigation.

Bryan Cano

LeBron James' jersey rip during Tuesday night's season opener has caused Nike to extensively review the source of the problem, according to ESPN. LeBron James' position as the highest-paid active NBA player spokesman may play a role in Nike's urgency. However, this is the 2nd incident in which a Nike NBA jersey tore. In the preseason opener on October 1st, LA Lakers guard Tyler Ennis had his jersey ripped as well.

Nike doesn't bear sole responsibility for the making of the jersey. While the company makes the materials and provides blank uniforms to the squads, it often is the team's responsibility to find a vendor to custom-stitch the names and numbers on the official jerseys.

Darren Rovell
Writer, ESPN

The incident occurred when Boston Celtics guard Jaylen Brown grabbed at James' jersey creating a split between the number 2 and 3 on the back of his Cavs jersey. The torn jersey, along with other jerseys from opening night, are being auctioned by the NBA. As of 10/19 the jersey was bidding at $1,0040 and closes on October 26th.