Michael Rapaport fires back at Ball family; LaMelo responds

The actor and Knicks diehard also went in after LaMelo Ball's "u ugly" tweet, with additional tweets making fun of his father and Lonzo.

Kahron Spearman

Actor, New York Knicks diehard, and occasional athlete frenemy Michael Rapaport blasted Los Angeles Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball for trolling Nas, and wearing an "Illmatic" sweatshirt with his face over Nas' as he walked into Madison Square Garden before a 113-109 overtime loss to the Knicks.

On cue, Rapaport went caping for his city, running down on Lonzo, his Lithuania-bound brothers, and the Big Baller Brand in general..

The actor clearly loves dragging the Ball family. Just a couple weeks ago, he was unusually upset, for some reason, about Lonzo Ball's attempts at rap music. 

But LaMelo Ball wasn't having any of it, responding to Rapaport in a tweet, to which the actor simply couldn't let bygones be bygones.