Kyrie talks trade rumors on First Take.

Kyrie on First Take talking about the trade allegations, “ ...hurtful, because I knew how professional I had kept it.”


Yesterday, Kyrie Irving sat down with Steven A. Smith on First Take and discussed various issues including his relationship with Lebron James and how it was strained the past couple months due to leaked trade rumors. Kyrie said that the leaked trade allegations were "...hurtful, because I knew how professional I had kept it."

Smith wanted to clarify on what exactly Kyrie meant which led Kyrie to say that he did not speak to Lebron before talking to the Cavaliers, saying that he shouldn't have to notify anyone. He then went on to say that he understood Lebron might take it personally but he didn't care about that at all.

I dont really have an ego, I have a presence and an aura about me thats very reality based... Im ready to move on, Im ready to be on my own, and Im ready to try out a new situation in an environment where I feel I can be happy.

Kyrie Irving on taking second Fiddle
PG, Boston Celtics

With Kyrie teaming up with Gordon Hayward and Al Horford on the Celtics, there's a high possibility that the Celtics could meet the Cavaliers in the conference finals this year. Hopefully they will give us the showdown that we will all be waiting to see.