Kobe Bryant says he would kneel for the anthem.

Kobe appeared on a podcast this week where he gave his thoughts on the current situation and stance taken by professional athletes.

Mason Wright

This past Wednesday Kobe appeared on The Hollywood Reporters Awards Chatter podcast where he stated that he'd kneel during the national anthem if still in the league. The former NBA champ was asked his position in a rapid-fire question segment and gave a simple answer, 'Kneel'. So far this pre-season the Lakers have stood and locked arms in solidarity.

Bryant was also asked what he would tell Donald Trump if given the chance; he responded:

“Focus on serving, not leading.

So far no NBA player has taken a knee yet this pre-season, although numerous including LeBron James and Stephen Curry have been vocal on their views towards the President. It is important to note that the NBA actually has a pre-existing rule requiring players and coaches to stand for the national anthem, and according to ESPN the NBA sent a memo to its teams on September 29th 'reinforcing' the rule.