Klay Thompson signs massive sneaker deal.

Golden State Warriors shooting guard, Klay Thompson, has signed a huge new sneaker deal with Anta that could be worth upwards of $80 million.

Thomas Miller

Golden State Warrior fans should be ecstatic after hearing that Klay Thompson has signed a new sneaker deal with Anta. Only days after saying that he would consider taking a small pay-cut to stay with the Warriors, Thompson landed a sneaker deal that could be worth $80 million over 10 years if he reaches certain incentives. The deal could potentially give him the extra financial cushion to sign an extension with the Warriors at a discount.

In Thompson's recent statement, he said he wouldn't take a huge pay-cut like Kevin Durant, because Durant makes much more in endorsements than he does. Although Thompson's deal isn't as big as super-stars like Durant, the deal could lands him a spot in the top 10 highest earning sneaker endorsers.

The long-term footwear and apparel endorsement deal, struck by Thompsons Wasserman agent Greg Lawrence, Senior Vice President of Basketball, along with his business manager Joe McLean, will land the explosive sharpshooter among the top 10 highest earning sneaker endorsers among all NBA players. The deal could reach 10 years and $80 Million, with a variety of incentives incorporated into the contract, and will continue to grow his brand throughout both China and the US.

Anta has been trying to build their brand, and the addition of Klay Thompson will definitely put them on the radar of Manu young hoopers. Anta's only other NBA player on contract is Rajon Rondo. Last season, Klay averaged 22.3 PPG, 3.7 RPD, and 2.1 APG.