D-Rose thinks he'll be worth double after this season.

Derrick Rose is looking at his new contract with the Cavaliers as an opportunity, joining the Cavs on a veteran minimum salary.

Mason Wright

Derrick Rose joins the Cavaliers this off-season as they hunt for another NBA Championship appearance after signing a one-year, $2.1 million contract. D-Rose signed on with a veteran minimum contract deal for this upcoming season in order to reinvent his image and prove that he still has what it takes. In an interview this week Rose predicted he'll be worth twice as much come next pre-season.

The first thing D-Rose needs to focus on is staying healthy. Over the past two seasons he's played about 79% of the season, and only 100 games in the three years prior to that. Rose will need to prove that he can make it to the post-season injury free if the Cavaliers have any hope in leaning on Rose with Isaiah Thomas on the bench.

“I get a chance to reintroduce myself back to the league...I get to bet on myself. That was one of the reasons I came here, I get to bet on myself. And Im from Chicago, Ive got that hustling side; its in me, man. Next time youve got to pay me, youve got to pay me double, so its fine with me.

The Cavaliers will be without Isaiah Thomas, their newly traded-for point guard, reportedly until January due to a hip injury. That means that Derrick Rose will be the starting PG until Thomas' return. So far this pre-season the the Cavalier's seem to have found their man, with Rose scoring 15 points in 14 minutes of court time last Friday against the Pacers.