Olympic Melo is back.

After his recent departure from the Knicks, Carmelo Anthony proclaims he feels like he left New York for the US Olympic Team.

Thomas Miller

Olympic Melo is back. After saying the he felt "born again" over the weekend, Melo shined in his first game with the Thunder dropping 19 points in 19 minutes while shooting 53.8% from the field. The All-Star SF was the center of many trade rumors this summer, and it was only fitting that his first game in a Thunder uniform came against the Rockets.

Many thought Melo was taking a jab at the Knicks after he told reporters that he felt like he was back on the olympic team playing alongside stars like Westbrook and PG3. Although Knicks fans may be disgruntled, Thunder fans should welcome Olympic Melo with open arms as he has led the US national team to three gold medals.

Ive always been a product of my environment. Whatever environment wants from me, thats what I give my environment. This environment is different, reminds me of being around Olympic teams, those great teams.

Last season, the All-Star power forward averaged 22.4 PPG, 2.9 APG, and 6.6 RPG with the Knicks, but received little help from the rest of the team. It will he interesting to see how Melo performs alongside the likes of superstars Russell Westbrook and Paul George. Melo has been the primary scoring option his entire career, but fans can only hope that olympic Melo will help lead OKC to its first title.