Bow Wow beat Lonzo Ball in a shooting competition

Finally, the rapper and actor can claim truth with actual video footage, after a good year of taking losses for lying on social media.

Kahron Spearman

Somehow, some way, rapper Bow Wow defeated Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball in a 3-point shooting contest. 

Let me repeat, Calvin Cambridge from Like Mike beat a legitimate NBA starting-level talent at something involving a ball and a rim. 

Bow Wow admitted that Ball won the first game, but no NBA player should be losing at all.

Bow wow Vs Lonzo Ball @zo #lonzoball #bowwow #bigballerbrand #yeaahh @bleacherreport (he won 1st game i took game 2) MIND YOU IM IN SOCKS

Moreover, Bow Wow beat him without shoes on, then proceeded to run around the gym, clowning Ball over his victory.

Two things here. One, Ball can never be allowed to live that loss down. Not ever, today, tomorrow. Ever, ever. 

Secondly, given his penchant for stretching the truth, this might be the first accomplishment Bow Wow can claim as 100% true.