Drake and Quavo bet on CFB Championships

Drake and Quavo were placing bets on the championships, but Drake couldn't take a win without rubbing it in and counting his money.

Emily Treadgold

Drake and Quavo are both betting men. After Alabama won over Georgia in the College Football Playoff National Championship, Drake won a bet against Quavo. He wasted no time taking to social media to brag about his win and rub it in Quavo's face. He posted on his Instagram story, "Quavo, I need my chips with the Huncho Jack dip, my boy!"

Quavo, I need my chips with the Huncho Jack dip, my boy!


Drake didn't stop there he called Alabama's coach Nick Saban the best coach of all time. What's even better is that 2 Chainz, who was rooting for Georgia, was watching with Drake the whole time. Quavo says, they made a friendly bet and he still has his money.